Monday, 17 September 2012


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Usually i don't write technology but i figured this particular modem series has been making the waves and people are having problems with its drivers and installation.
I decided to take it upon myself to find a solution and i found it.

  1. Connect the vodafone modem with the original SIM and allow it to install the dashboard.
  2. When the installation is complete, check if the SIM card has been recognized, if not, download this software and install.
  3. Remove the sliding cover and check for the IMEI number.
  4. Download the huawei unlock calculator and use it to generate the unlock code for your modem.
  5. Enter the IMEI code to calculate the unlock code. 
  6. Copy the unlock code and not the flash code.
  7. Unplug the modem and change the SIM card to a different SIM on another network.
  8. Plug in the modem and after initialization, it will prompt you for "UNLOCK CODE". 
  9. Enter the 10 digit generated code from the unlock calculator.
  10. At this point, if the code was accepted, your modem is unlocked.
  1. For vodafone users, you may have to continue with the following steps. I have compiled a dashboard with the original huawei source code into a flasher or dashboard updater. This will help put the new working mobile partner interface onto the modem. Download the flasher or dashboard updater here.
  2. Just run the updater and flash the vodafone dashboard with the new dashboard. After completion, your modem is ready for use

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Everybody is stupid or foolish

My grandmother once told me that, "schooling does not prevent fooling". In effect, in my opinion, one may have all the degrees and doctorates and whatever level of "education" and still be stupid.
This is not news anyway. Kanye West said it in a rap-"Good Life".
Education has been made synonymous to Literacy and going to school means being educated but that kind of education is limited with respect to what it teaches.
For most people, all they learn from going to school is making the grades and passing out successfully. Some may not value the grades that much and may not be on-top of the performance ranking but know so much more than those at the top.
It is easy to know that the heart of the cockroach is located at the dorsal posterior end but never easy to find it out and locate it in a dissection.
Some students of the University of Ghana did something to an alleged thief who happened to be a lady. She was stripped naked and a video was taken showing her private parts and was all over the news.
People were wonder saying, "how could they, they the ones in school should know better".
In my opinion listening to such a story is funny. Who are the students anyway that they can not do such a crazy thing. They are humans just as everybody is and that was when again i remembered, "schooling does not prevent stupidity". How true could that be?
Among those who condemn such acts are potential culprit. If they were there, it could have been worse but since they weren't, they sit at radio stations and say anything they think people are willing to hear.
Life still goes on and someday it will be another person in another fix.
Just pray it is not you because, even those with the worse characters will be insulting and condemning you.
The fact that one is a student at the tertiary level does not make one impeccable or faultless. It does not mean one knows everything. Even if one knows everything, it does not mean one may do the right thing at the right time.
Life is more than a puzzle and there is more to it than meets the eye.
Everybody is stupid or foolish except people may not have seen that part of everybody's Life.

How far so far?

Well, virtually everything that happens around us is unexpected. One wakes in the morning and no one know what is to happen in the next minute ahead. A friend was coming to my house on the 25th.December.2011 in the evening. He was coming from University of Ghana, Bani hostel though the Legon Presec route. They were two, Timms and Badon. According to their narration, they were conversing along the road and walking toward the main gate of the University. Just at the junction shared by Presec and Bani, Timms was robbed off his cell phone and some cash, GH¢ 15. Badon just walked along...
They say it is Christmas and it signifies the birth of Christ and that is suppose to mean salvation but someone was getting robbed. Probably somewhere around the world, someone was being killed, murdered or dying of a terminal illness. Who knows tomorrow?

Now to the subject, "how far so far "...

I have been operating Doss Empire for about a year now and my net profit is in negative. I have not made any profit from my business so far. There is something people call hope and that is all i have to hold on to for now. That am hoping i make it out of the negatives and start getting positive profit figures. The stress and frustration that comes with running a business for a year and yet not yielding profit is unbearable. Sometimes you don't want to even say you own a business, because when asked how well your business is doing, a perfect harmless question about your business could seem like the most insulting question ever. Still all i got is that thing people call hope, that abstract noun...
If the world could see what you see, there may not be conflict of misunderstanding because only then will they be able to understand why you do certain things some way and expect them to understand the reason for your decision.....
Operating a business without an office in the first place is like not operating at all. You may have all the necessary documents showing how legitimate your business is but without an office, the word trust may not be your friend. In my business life, i have been operating for 1 and a half year without an office. Sometimes, we think too much. Too much of what we think others might be thinking about us whiles the truth is that, they are not even thinking close to that. This condition of personal fable is a restriction to many success story. Sometimes the client is not interested in the fact that you don't have an office, he may be interested in the quality of work instead and you don't approach them with your business because you think you need everything to be complete before you start.
This way of thinking has stalled my progress for about a year now. My advice is that, probably what you have is enough for some level of success and you could start from there. Your brains definition of perfection is not same as another man's brain definition of perfection.
About 70% of the solutions to our problems lies with us and not from any external source. Blowing situation out of proportion and over elaboration is the stumbling block to business development.
The other 30% is easily tackled once the internal portion is resolved or is being resolved.
My advice is that, you start problem solving by trying to solve your end of the problem. The external solution is built on the internal solution. If the internal solution is not found, the external solution may fail to bring success.

What Is Happening In Africa

I was listening to Bruno Mars "It will rain" and i fell in love with the song... I put it on replay and it played all day at the office. Just that song. I googled "Bruno Mars" and it appeared that he won no Grammy last night, Adele...
Adele won in all six nominated categories. I thought that was he debut so i googled Adele. I chose wikipedia and started reading about Adele..
I realised she had been there all along making hits and setting records since 2006. I didn't know about that till today. As I was reading, i realized she was born 1988, same year as i was born, she is just a few months older than I am. She is so famous that even the wind whispers her name in every surrounding and her voice kept saying " this is me and no one else".
Who from Africa has attained such fame and status..?
Facebook C.E.O was very young, Bill Gates was very young, who in Africa is making it at that age? When we hear of a rich man in Africa, it is either he is "Gold rich", "Oil rich" or "Corrupt rich" by politics. 
 Are we saying there are no entrepreneurs in Africa? What happened to our business side of life...
We are not able to market our culture and have paved way for some people who do not know how to even locate their left from right insult our way of life...
I walk about in Town and see "VLISCO" advertise a cloth and I feel like I have to see the tailor for a shirt. Our GTP is only made expensive with no value added to it.
What happened to our business side of life?
It may not come as a surprise if a whole human being could be sold into slavery for a piece of mirror...
It is sad... It is sad... It is sad
Apostle Kwadwo Safo is trying his best but our politicians go and watch, talk and it all ends there...
Our so called rich men have their monies locked up in other countries and are not investing in their own countries...
Our new breed of musicians can only sing songs that will be enjoyed in a month and the next month, nobody would want to hear that song at a party or any occassion...
I wonder how many of our artistes rehearse their stage performances before stepping on stage...
When shall we....?

Who Killed Prof. John Evans Atta Mills?

Who Killed Prof. John Evans Atta Mills?

This is a big lesson to all...Life, money, power all seem important but life is the most important.
Our world is driven by the people around us and us. If i choose to overlook my interest and be selfless in order to have something very elusive called success which by itself is subjective, then probably i don't know what am doing or i just signed a suicide note.
If an attempt to be altruistic never save my generation, the act is worthless. If for the interest of others i sacrifice my well being and in the end i loose myself for people who never cared about me and my well being, i believe it was worthless making that sacrifice.
When someone tells you, "you are sick" and you know u are sick, you say "thank you." and do not take it as offensive even if that person happens to be an 'enemy'. Words of encouragement are great but not when the goal or the end result is detrimental.
None is immortal...