Thursday, 13 September 2012

Everybody is stupid or foolish

My grandmother once told me that, "schooling does not prevent fooling". In effect, in my opinion, one may have all the degrees and doctorates and whatever level of "education" and still be stupid.
This is not news anyway. Kanye West said it in a rap-"Good Life".
Education has been made synonymous to Literacy and going to school means being educated but that kind of education is limited with respect to what it teaches.
For most people, all they learn from going to school is making the grades and passing out successfully. Some may not value the grades that much and may not be on-top of the performance ranking but know so much more than those at the top.
It is easy to know that the heart of the cockroach is located at the dorsal posterior end but never easy to find it out and locate it in a dissection.
Some students of the University of Ghana did something to an alleged thief who happened to be a lady. She was stripped naked and a video was taken showing her private parts and was all over the news.
People were wonder saying, "how could they, they the ones in school should know better".
In my opinion listening to such a story is funny. Who are the students anyway that they can not do such a crazy thing. They are humans just as everybody is and that was when again i remembered, "schooling does not prevent stupidity". How true could that be?
Among those who condemn such acts are potential culprit. If they were there, it could have been worse but since they weren't, they sit at radio stations and say anything they think people are willing to hear.
Life still goes on and someday it will be another person in another fix.
Just pray it is not you because, even those with the worse characters will be insulting and condemning you.
The fact that one is a student at the tertiary level does not make one impeccable or faultless. It does not mean one knows everything. Even if one knows everything, it does not mean one may do the right thing at the right time.
Life is more than a puzzle and there is more to it than meets the eye.
Everybody is stupid or foolish except people may not have seen that part of everybody's Life.

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